Strengthening Design For Retaining Wall

Slope Stability Analysis & Strengthening Design For Merriwa Park Retaining Wall

Project Scope

Slope stability analysis and review of slope stabilising concept design of the Harvey Norman car park embankment within Merriwa Park in Wangaratta-VIC.

The following tasks were carried out:

  • Survey of the current condition of the slope
  • Geotechnical investigation through drilling boreholes to obtain the soil properties and types
  • Slope stability modelling and analysis utilising PLAXIS computer software (Finite Element Method)
  • Concept design of feasible slope stabilising methods considering constructability and cost effect
  • Solutions for preventing the slump of the slope (top surface of the slope)
  • Solution for pavement

Project Ref. No. : TC19-P125

Client : City of Wangarrata

Completion Date : 23–Oct–2019