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Technology plays a highly important role in sustainable development because it is one of the most significant ways in which we interact with our environment.

We use technologies to extract natural resources, to modify them for human purposes, and to adapt our man-made living space. It is through use of technology that we have seen drastic improvements in the quality of life of many people

Unfortunately, many of these short-term improvements in the immediate quality of life have also exacted a great toll on the environment. In order to proceed toward sustainability, we will have to be more deliberate and thoughtful in our employment of technology. We need to develop and utilise sustainable technologies.

To avoid confusion and ambiguity it is necessary to establish a working definition of “technology.” Here, the term “technology” is taken to mean “the application of knowledge to the achievement of particular goals or to the solution of particular problems”.


We, Technocrete Consulting Engineers, are committed to providing professional, reliable, sustainable, and optimised engineering services and solutions to our communities and our clients.


Technocrete vision is to achieve national and international recognition through professionalism, innovation, and cutting-edge knowledge and technology in design, assessment, engineering solutions, repair and rehabilitation design of civil and structural engineering.


We believe that values drive the business. Values are the bedrock of any corporate culture. As the essence of Technocrete’s philosophy for achieving success, values provide a sense of common direction for all our employees for their day-to-day-behaviour.

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Concrete Durability Design and Service Life Modelling Specialist
Visiting Fellow at Western Sydney University
Visiting Scholar at the University of Technology Sydney

Farhad is a Chartered Professional Engineer in the fields of Civil & Structural Engineering as well as Leadership & Management with over 20 years’ experience in Civil and Structural Engineering as a lead designer, professional project manager, technical director, managing director, and scholar.

He has received his PhD in Structural Engineering with Specialty in “Concrete Durability Design and Service Life Modelling” from University of Technology Sydney (UTS). He has published more than 25 Journal and National & International Conference Papers related to Concrete Durability Performance, Design, and Modelling. He has presented his papers in National and International Conferences, Seminars, and Technical Events.

His work and research on Extending the Service Life of Concrete Structures using Polymer-Concrete Composites was selected in the grand finale of “Award of Excellence in Concrete Technology” in Concrete 2015 – CIA Conference.

Expertise and Specialties:

  • Durability Design and Service Life Modelling of Concrete Structures
  • Mass Transfer Modelling in Concrete
  • Steel Reinforcement Corrosion Management (Protection, Prevention, Monitoring, and Modelling)
  • Vast Range of Non-Destructive Testing Techniques
  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Research and Development
  • Advanced Concrete Technology
  • Design of Concrete and Shotcrete Mixes for special purposes such Self-Compacting Concrete, High-Performance Concrete, 3D-printed concrete, Fibre-Reinforced concrete, Polymer-Modified Concrete, and Engineered Cementitious Composites
  • Structural and Durability Assessment of Concrete Structures from Inspection to Provide Solutions
  • Repair and Structural Strengthening Design and Specification


Proud Winner of the 2021 Albury-Wodonga Business Award for “Outstanding Small Business”