Quality Assessment of Dam Spillway

Quality Assessment of Kangaroo Creek Dam Spillway Concrete Slab Utilising Tomographic Survey

Project Scope

Inspection and Quality Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Floor Slab and Wall Utilising Ultrasonic Pulse Echo – Tomographic Survey

The following tasks were carried out:

  • Selecting one area on the Slab and one area on the Wall
  • Gridding the Surface with 25 mm distance in both Horizontal and Vertical Directions
  • Scan of 861 points on the Slab and 625 points on the Wall
  • Present Area Scan in 2D Mapping
  • Interpretation of the Tomographic Survey Results
  • Evaluating the Concrete Compressive Strength Utilising SONREB Method as one of the Factors of the Concrete Quality

Project Ref. No. : TC19-P119

Client : South Australia Water

Completion Date : 20–May–2019