Assessment Of Post Tensioned Slab

Detailed Visual Inspection, Structural & Durability Modelling, Analysis, Assessment, and Repair Strategy and Cost of 1300m2 Post-Tensioned Slab and Beams of Residential Complex Car Park - Port Melbourne

Project Scope

Scope of project is presented in four stages as follows:

  • Detailed visual inspection, crack mapping and survey (to obtain the actual deflection of the slab and beams)
  • Destructive Testing including Chloride Content Measurements and Carbonation Depth Measurement
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Techniques to obtain actual mechanical properties and quality of the concrete including GPR, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity, Ultrasonic Pulse Echo, Crack Depth Measurement, Rebound Hammer
  • Durability modelling, analysis, and assessment as well as prediction of the residual service life of the structure
  • Structural modelling, Finite-Element (FE) analysis, and then, the structural assessment based on the outcome of the analysis
  • Structural Strengthening Design
  • Repair Design & Specifications

Project Ref. No. : TC19-P121

Completion Date : 23–Jan–2020