Assessment Of Wodonga Racecourse Grandstand

Inspection and Structural Assessment of Wodonga Racecourse Grandstand

Project Scope

The following tasks were successfully delivered:

  • Detailed Visual Inspection of Brick and Concrete Components
  • Providing Crack Mapping including Length, Width and Depth of the Cracks
  • Survey (to find the non-uniform Settlement)
  • 3D Scanning of the Building
  • Non-Destructive Testing including: Cover Measurement, Steel Reinforcement Detection, Size, and Arrangement, Ultrasonic Technique, Rebound Hammer, Corrosion Activity Monitoring, and Electrical Resistivity
  • Carbonation Depth Measurements (Phenolphthalein Spray)
  • Data Analysis
  • Structural FE Modelling and Analysis Utilising ETABS
  • Structural Assessment and Finding the Current Load Capacity of the RC Slab
  • Repair and Remediation Strategy Recommendations
  • Budget Cost Estimations of Repair Operations

Project Ref. No. : TC21-P241

Client : City of Wodonga

Completion Date : 29–Apr–2021