Strengthening Design of Concrete Reservoir

Structural Strengthening Design and Repair Strategy Associated with Cost Analysis of a Concrete Water Reservoir (5000 m3/ 5ML)

Project Scope

Design of Structural Strengthening to Reinforce a Concrete Water Reservoir in Dubbo.

The geometry of tank was found from the provided limited drawings as:

  • Height = 9.98 m ≈10.00 m
  • Diameter = 25.15 m
  • Wall Thickness = 150 mm

The structural components of tank are presented as follows:

  • Reinforced concrete wall thickness: 150 mm
  • Ring Steel Reinforcement diameter = 9.5 mm (3/8”)
  • Vertical Steel Reinforcement diameter = 12.7 @ 460 mm (Centre)
  • Steel Wires around the tank with the density of 34 Wires per foot at the bottom and 6 Wires per foot at the top of the tank
  • A 50 mm mortar applied on the wires as a protective layer to prevent the corrosion of steel wires

The following tasks were carried out:

  • Modelling and Structural Analysis of the Bridge Utilising SAP 2000 Computer Software in Accordance with AS 3735:2001
  • Obtaining the stresses and forces on the deteriorated area
  • Structural strengthening design using CFRP Fabrics
  • Repair Methodology (Method & Material) and Specification

Project Ref. No. : TC19-P115

Client : Pensar

Completion Date : 21–June–2019