Scientific Investigation of 8 Bridge Decks

Scientific Investigation On Eight (8) Concrete Bridge Decks: Precise Crack Mapping, NDT, Assessment and Repair Solutions

Project Scope

Inspection and scientific investigation on Eight (8) concrete bridge decks in order to identify the cause/s of the cracked bridge decks and to assess their current condition.

Scope of work is presented as follows:

  • Assessment of the bridge deck cracks and provide an appropriate repair methodology based on scientific evaluation of the causes of the cracking.
  • Assessment of the other bridge deck defects and providing appropriate repair methodology
  • Assessment of the bridge decks and providing appropriate surface treatment methodology
  • Data collection and analysis of the test results
  • Providing a structural and durability assessment based on the data analysis
  • Repair and Remediation Methods, Materials, and Specifications

TECHNOCRETE and PENSAR companies won a D&C tender for “Scientific Investigation and Repair of 8 Concrete Bridges”. TECHNOCRETE Consulting Engineers carried out the Scientific Investigation including Detailed Visual Inspection, vast range of Non-Destructive Testing, and Structural & Durability Condition Assessment of the bridges.

This project was received “National Merit Award in Assessment & Diagnosis” from ACRA in 2021.

Dr Farhad Nabavi presented the methodology of this investigation in ACRA Technical Seminar on 21 April 2021.

Project Ref. No. : TC20-P209

Client : Murray River Council

Completion Date : 27–Apr–2020