Assessment of Plunkett’s Bridge

Level 2 & Level 3 Inspection, Structural Assessment, Load Bearing Capacity, Repair Strategy And Associated Cost Analysis Of Plunkett's Bridge

Project Scope

Level 3 Inspection, Structural Analysis, and Load Capacity Assessment (Rating Factor) of Plunkett’s Bridge.

Plunkett’s Bridge Rd. is a concrete bridge consisting of three simply supported spans with the total length of 36.970 m and total width of 10.010 m (8.550 m is the carriage path width) built in 1961. Due to lack of bridge drawings, all geometry of all bridge components were measured on-site to provide the bridge model.

The structural components of the bridge are listed as follows:

  • Precast reinforced concrete deck
  • Seven precast concrete girders in each span
  • Two cast-in-situ reinforced concrete Abutments (A1 & A2)
  • Two cast-In-situ reinforced concrete pier walls (P1 & P2)

The following tasks were carried out:

  • Detailed Inspection in Accordance with VicRoads “Road Structure Inspection Manual – 2018”
  • Measurement of all Structural Components (Site-Specific Measurements) as there was not any drawing available
  • Measurement of all Material Properties utilising NDT Techniques
  • Modelling and Structural Analysis of the Bridge Utilising SAP 2000 Computer Software in Accordance with AS 5100.7:2007 Bridge Assessment
  • Calculating Rating Factor of the Bridge

The following NDT Techniques were carried out:

  • Compressive Strength (SONREB Method (combining method) utilising Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity and Digital Rebound Hammer)

Project Ref. No. : TC19-P128

Client : Indigo Shire Council

Completion Date : 27–June–2019