Structural Analysis of Bridge Flood Event

Structural Fe Modelling, Analysis, And Assessment Of Buckland Bridge Against 1%Aep Flooding Event

Project Scope

Structural Modelling, Analysis, and Assessment of the Buckland Bridge subjected to 1% AEP Flood Event.

The following tasks were delivered successfully:

  • Structural Modelling of the Bridge Utilising CSI-SAP 2000
  • Structural Analysis of the bridge subjected to 1%AEP Flood Event with the velocity of 3.1m/s and the height of 4.70m
  • The performance of the bridge was analysed under the following forces: Drag Force on Piers & Superstructure, Side Force on Piers, Lift Force on Superstructure, Moment on Superstructure, Drag Force Due to Debris, Drag Force Due to Floating Logs
  • Repair and Remediation Strategy Associated with Cost Analysis

Project Ref. No. : TC20-P210

Client : Alpine Shire Council

Completion Date : 21–Apr–2020