Bondi Beach Building Structural Inspection

Quality Assessment, Structural Analysis & Assessment, Structural Strengthening Design And Associated Cost Of Concrete Columns – Multi-Storey Building – Bondi Beach – Sydney

Project Scope

Assess the quality of the concrete walls constructed with AFS Rediwall method. Rediwall is a polymer-based permanent formwork system for concrete walls. The extruded components slide in, interconnecting to create a permanent formwork. The scope of this project is outlined as follows:

  • Structural analysis of walls to calculate the required compressive strength of the concrete
  • Assessment of concrete using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity and Rebound hammer
  • Repair Methodology (method and materials)
  • Structural Strengthening Recommendations

Project Ref. No. : TC19-P114

Client : TC Builder

Completion Date : 10–Oct–2019